Microcosm Publishing

“This horrible jingle is AMAZING!!! So many feelings!!”

Your House is Warm, Michelle

“Your horrible genius simply knows no bounds. This will be the greatest moment in housewarming history, and I thank you. And that extra touch at the end… I was off my chair (first to laugh, then to give a standing ovation).”

Mike Rieger Draws

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, thank you! It’s amazing. “

Birthday Boy Bob

“it’s perfect. he’ll hate it.”


“Thank you! it’s so horrible! Good job! “


“Thanks so much. It’s truly amazing. A feast for my ears.”

Mobile Identity

“It’s horribly perfect! Or perfectly horrible! “

No Jingle Purchased (Not Professional Enough)

“This is not professional at all.  Are you trying to run a business?  It has to be serious not some beer stuff. deb”

Kent DJ Academy

“Shocking. Love it. Ta muchly”

Roy Edits

“Thank you so much, it’s even more horrible than I could have possibly imagined. I single tear rolls down the cheek 🙂 “


“Ooooooh, that’s horribly good.”

Illuminated Mind

This made me cry. You’ve outdone yourselves.

Gold Medal Bodies

Thanks! This totally ROCKS! And so effective too, we can’t get it out of our heads. Cheers!


That’s epic. Enjoy the beer!

Rock River Star

Excellent! Er… Horrible!!!

Fritz Maskrey

Ok that kicks ass…


SINSIA BRUCINI hahahahhah sorry but I LOVE YOU!

We Make Merch

Thanks for the jingle we love it!…I mean hate it!

Grapes of Rad

You are a genius wrapped in an enigma. Thanks, man!

Moto X Mayhem

Haha this is rad!


Awful. Fucking awful. Well done.

Layer Cake Shop

Wow. This is really terrible. Is that a kazoo, or is it wax paper on a comb?


Thanks! Does what promised, guaranteed to suck :)


Thanks. Truly awful! You really captured the sad and deprived nature that is YH.


Best service on the internet. Hands down. May you receive plenty of beer money.


Truly terrifying. Reminds me of horrible clowns.


Again, Great, Great, Horribly Great work! We love it. Enjoy the beer, my friend.

DFW Burlesque

I quickly imagine the horrible logo and horrible jingle riding down the street on a tandem bicycle! Twin horrors!

Suzy Gordon

My cats might like this one. Me, not so much. Thanks!